Coworking, the Hot New Trend in Social Work Environments

SUJU at the Vault 7-26-2010 11s

A recent coworking event at The Vault

Deb Frey, Contributing Editor, Impact Lab: – Over the past decade I’ve served as the vice-president of the DaVinci Institute, a futurist think tank based in Louisville, Colorado. During this time I‘ve developed a great admiration for the geeky talents of our members, and have received a first-class education in the nerd sciences just from being around them.

In ten 10 years, I have gone from barely being on email, to an iPhone and iPad aficionado and the leader of a social networking experts group. Oddly enough, I’ve become the go-to girl for most tech-related issues.

So earlier this year when Thomas and I started talking about the concept of coworking, the idea instantly clicked. I knew from my own experience how powerful it was to hang out with brilliant people, and it just made sense that others would benefit if they had a similar opportunity.

Even though coworking has been around in various permutations for many years, the recent tech revolution has made it the workplace of choice for isolated telecommuters and solopreneurs wishing to work around kindred spirits. (Pics)

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