Wheel + Shovel = Wovel


It’s snowing in Wisconsin, today. A lot. About an hour ago, I took the trash out, and came back to the house with a snow line around my knees. And it’s still coming down.

That’s all fine, though. What I’m really dreading is tomorrow, when I have to shovel it all up. Increasingly, I find my fancy turned toward the wovel—a ridiculous-looking piece of hand-powered machinery, that’s supposed to help you clear a sidewalk easily, without the lower back pain*…

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The Mobile Sno Pro – Combo Shovel, Brush Broom and Ice Scraper

sno pro

Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010

The Mobile Sno Pro is your one all around tool to get you out of a jam and keep you on the move!  With the Mobile Sno Pro you have a collapsible full size combo shovel, Brush broom and Ice Scraper to aid you in removing snow from and around your vehicle. (pics)


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Full Size Portable, Collapsible Snow Shovel and Ice Scraper


Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Portable, collapsible full size shovel with broom and ice scraper.  Attaches with an aluminum alloy handle.  Made out of recylcled ABS plastic.  All plastic parts are yellow in color so other motorists can see you from a distance.  The yellow color is helpful if you are stuck on the road and have to dig yourself out.  (Pics)


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Didn’t I see this one on battle bots?

Here’s a dream come true for those of us lazybones who find ourselves unexpectedly snowbound more often than we care to admit. Dubbed “the world’s smartest snow shovel,” i-Shovel is so intelligently automatic, it’s able to sense when there’s snow accumulation, and then busies itself with clearing off your driveway, without you lifting a finger. Continue reading… “i-Shovel”