iStorytime – Storybook App Integrates Video of Sign Language in Story



iStorytime has made a new app for reading with children, Danny the Dragon. It’s not the content of the storybook, however that’s got us excited. This app for iPhone and iPad is one of the first (if not the first) to include video of the story being read with sign language enhancement.


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Cochlear Implants Technology Getting Smaller, Faster, Smarter


Serena Rush, 6, who got cochlear implants about 4 years ago and now has about 70% hearing.

Six-year-old Serena Rush loves to belt out It’s a Hard Knock Life, her favorite tune from the musical Annie, and someday she hopes to be a stage actress, when she’s not being a lifeguard. Which is pretty splendid considering she was diagnosed as deaf when she was 1. “I am very smart,” says the ballet-dancing, iPod-jamming, theatergoing, soon-to-be second-grader from Silver Spring, Md.


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Portable Sign Language Translator

Portable Sign Language Translator 

 Krown Sign Language Translator

The Sign Language Translator by Krown does just what its name implies: it takes the words you feed into it and, on its modestly sized touchscreen, plays a video of the proper hand sign. If you type in “happy,” for instance (or one of 3,500 other words), a video – acted out by a decidedly somber, almost creepy older man – plays and in a matter of seconds just about anyone could effectively communicate with the deaf or anyone who relies on sign language.

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