Shitterton Villagers Buy ‘Theft-Proof’ Sign

Shitterton sign
Shitterton strikes back
A village sign has been stolen so many times that residents have clubbed together to buy a stone version cemented in to the ground. Households in Shitterton, near Bere Regis, Dorset contributed £20 each to the new sign after repeatedly falling victim to pranksters. Volunteers then arranged a truck and crane to manoeuvre the stone into place…

The War Over Exit Signs

exitman 54678
Word vs Icon. Which will win?

Should the US ditch the classic red “exit” sign and replace it with a green man? There are arguments both for and against. For the red:

The contrast between the letters and the background renders it highly legible, the illumination stresses the importance of the message, and the color is evocative of both fire and fire-safety devices (fire extinguishers, fire engines, fire alarms, and the like).

But in other parts of the world, pictograms rule. The “running man” sign was designed by Yukio Ota and adopted internationally for exits a quarter century ago!

The sign’s wordlessness means it can be understood even by people who don’t speak the local language. And the green color, they argue, just makes sense. Green is the color of safety, a color that means go the world over. Red, on the other hand, most often means danger, alert, halt, please don’t touch. Why confuse panicked evacuees with a sign that means right this way in a color that means stop?

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Thought of Money will Light Up Your Brain

 Thought of Money will Light Up Your Brain

Dreams of money can seriously affect your thinking

Like the dollar signs in the eyes of cartoon characters, thoughts of money light up visual areas of the brain, a study has found. An international team, led by California University, has found that thoughts of money light up visual areas of the brain, including a part of visual cortex known as “V1” which represents basic features such as edge orientation and color.

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