Phoenix Crop Circle Appears In Same Field as Dragonfly Crop Circle


Zoroastrian bird symbol or Phoenix?
(Image credit – Dai Dobbs)

One of the first things one learns when studying crop circles is that the formations are concentrated and appear in a small area of England more often than the rest of the world combined. This awesome bird formation happens to also be in the same field as the fantastic dragonfly formation that appeared earlier in the month.

This “Phoenix” crop circle formation measures approximately 300 feet in diameter. It was discovered in the early morning of June 12 2009 and can be clearly seen from the A4 near Yatesbury, in Wiltshire, England.

Mainstream media is always quick to note that some crop circles are hoaxed by humans. However they rarely present the fact that many crop circles DO NOT show signs of hoaxing and are not explainable by conventional means. When examining each formation there are tell tale signs as to which manner it was created including if or how the stalks are bent vs broken…

(photo of Dragonfly crop circle after jump )

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