Poor Little Fishbowl Sink Persuades Consumers to Save Water


“Poor Little Fishbowl Sink”

London-based Chinese designer/engineer Yan Lu plays  a similar kind of visual feedback to try and provoke more environmentally friendly behavior with the “Poor Little Fishbowl Sink”.  The result is both clever and funny and a bit frightening.


See-Through “Never Clog” Sink Drain

never-clog-drain 1342
Now you see it!

The $20 PermaFLOW Never-Clog Drain seems like a crazy handy idea!

With its innovative, self-cleaning design and integrated wiper that removes blockage, PermaFLOW eliminates the need for chemical drain cleaners, plungers, and expensive pipe repairs. This smart alternative to traditional P-traps installs in a snap and even allows for easy retrieval of accidentally lost jewelry and other items.

PermaFlow Lets You Be Your Own Plumber

PermaFlow Lets You Be Your Own Plumber 


The holidays are over now and I’m wiping my brow in relief that I didn’t have to call a plumber once between Thanksgiving and New Year’s! I usually don’t get through that period without the kitchen sink backing up. But one of 2008’s most popular new inventions, not to mention one of Pop Sci’s Best of What’s New, PermaFlow, tells me that I may not even have to call a plumber if the sink or toilet backs up.

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I Thought You Were Supposed To Keep Electronics Away From Water

The X-Touch Mixer by Italian home-and-bath atelier Newform allows you full digital control over your sink, which is a cooler thought than I realized. The faucet is electronically controlled by a keypad, and you can easily adjust the flow and temperature of the water. What’s more, the blue screen on the middle of the keypad changes color to show you how hot or cold the water is.

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Wall Mounted Fireplaces

Wall Mounted Fireplaces

French fixture makers Arkiane have two gorgeous wall-mounted fireplace designs – Icoya is inspired by an ancient Incan deity, and the other, the Yàn-Li, is a more obvious flame shape. The beauty of a fireplace like both of these is that you could either mount them or sink them into a wall, depending on how much space you have to work with, and we do love us some wall-mounting. (Pics)

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Sink Toilet Saves Water, Now You Can Brush Your Teeth And Pee At The Same Time


I wonder how sanitary this is?  Talk about Multitasking

Toilets use a lot of water, you know. And it seems kind of strange to have a sink right next to your toilet, pouring all that water down the drain, when your toilet would work just as well with your second-hand sink water as it does with regular clean water. Why not save water by running your sink into your toilet?


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