‘Smart Salad Dressing’ Could Keep Venice from Sinking


Venice, Italy, is a city in perpetual flood. But sinking buildings have put this 1,300-year-old urban marvel in peril.

Venice could be saved from sinking into the sea by releasing fat globules similar to olive oil into the water that are ‘programmed’ to form limestone reefs, say architects.


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British Diver Breaks Depth Record On A Single Breath


Diving to New Depths

A woman from London has set a new freediving world record after swimming 96m (318ft) below the surface of the ocean and back in a single breath. Sara Campbell, 37, from Wandsworth, spent 3min 36sec submerged off an island in the Bahamas.

The dive in the Vertical Blue contest took her down the equivalent of the height of Big Ben’s clock tower.

In October 2007 she smashed all world depth records within 48 hours, after only nine months in the extreme sport. Her latest feat, is known as the constant weight world record, in which the diver must use just a monofin – a mermaid like tail – and their own power.

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