For Sale: Beethoven’s Skull

Beethoven_Skull 4123
Beethoven’s Skull
In reference to the book Cranioklepty by Colin Dickey, Keith Thomson writes at The Huffington Post about the hobby of skull collecting. Among the most famous skulls held in collections might be that of the composer Ludwig Von Beethoven:

The seller is California businessman Paul Kaufmann, who first became aware that his family possessed the item in 1990. While searching among his late mother’s possessions, he happened on an ancient, pear-shaped box labeled “Beethoven.”

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Ardi: Oldest Human Ancestor 4.4 Million Years Old


Ardi – First Ape Woman

She lived at the dawn of a new era, when chimps and people began walking (or climbing) along their own evolutionary trails.  This is Ardi – the oldest member of the human family tree we’ve found so far.  Short, hairy and with long arms, she roamed the forests of Africa 4.4million years ago. (Pics)


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Scienstists Developing Robotic Octopus To Sovle Mysteries Of The Sea

Scienstists Developing Robootic Octopus To Sovle Mysteries Of The Sea

Sea Life Of Fondo Marino de Palma de Mallorca

Scientists are developing a robotic octopus that will be able to search the seabed with the same extraordinary dexterity as the real eight-legged cephalopod. With no solid skeleton, the robot would be the world’s first entirely soft robot, say researchers.

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Akribos XXIV DaVinci Skeleton Steampunk Watch



I hesitate to call it steampunk, through the degradation of the term by people like me, but my attempts at describing it otherwise only end up being laughably convoluted loop-de-loops around the term. It reminds me very strongly of Disneyland Paris’ Space Mountain aesthetic, which is furnished after the spaceship design of Verne’s De la Terre à la Lune… all burnished brass and exposed copper cogwork. But, of course, that’s all very steampunk too.
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iStan: Medical Dummy Mimics Live Patient

iStan: Medical Dummy Mimics Live Patient 

 iStan Medical Dummy

If your knowledge of America’s medical training technology is comprised only of that disembodied torso of a dummy you practiced CPR on back in high school, you might think that we’re a little behind other nations, such as Japan and its high-tech professional toys. Not so, however – just take a look at the iStan. When a firefighter or medical professional reaches you during an emergency, advanced dummies like the iStan make sure they won’t be practicing on you. They’ll already know what to do.

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