Google Street View Snowmobile Gives a Slopes-Eye-View of Winter Olympics Resort

google snowview 23

First there was the Google car, which roamed the roads of Britain to build up a Street View perspective of the nation.

Then came the Google Trike, powered by super-strong employees to chart harder to reach areas such as Stone Henge.

Now the internet search giant has headed to the mountains with the Google snowmobile…

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Unique Ski Jump Facility



Slip Sliding Away

What a rush when you flush!

Georgia Max Coffee chose to redesign the toilets of a number of key ski resorts in Japan. The cubicles were fully wrapped on all sides, so that the person caught short would have a ski jumper’s view when they were sitting on the loo. The person could look down at their skis (simply printed on the floor of the cubicle) and see the steep ski jump slope ahead of them.

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Artificial Snow Harming Alpine Environment

 Artificial Snow Harming Alpine Environment

To keep ski tourism alive, many resorts are using artificial snow produced by snow cannons.

Artificial snow may help Alpine ski resorts to fight the effects of climate change, but it also creates environmental problems of its own. Is summer tourism the only thing that can save the struggling resorts?


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Combination Segway Ski-Stroll-Scooter

Combination Segway Ski-Stroller

Part Segway, part skiing, part stroller, part cool design

Designer Sarah Park has drafted a concept to outfit the Segway Personal Transporter with dual handlebars that work as a “skiing-like steering mechanism.” The size of the handlebars are similar to those of a baby stroller and navigated in a similar fashion. More photos after the jump.
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