mySky Plus: Personal Planetarium

mySky Plus:  Personal Planetarium 

 Mead mySky

For people all across the country summer nights are spent in the back yard looking at the stars. Backyard stargazing in the warmer states really picks up when summer is winding down and the heat isn’t so bad and the bugs are starting to thin out. The challenge for many when looking at the night sky is actually finding something worth looking at.

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Sky Trash Or Ads That Really Soar? Flogos!


Up, up and away!

Picture it – thousands of Mickey Mouse heads floating over Orlando, Florida. That is the plan for later this month when Walt Disney Co. uses a new invention to promote Disney World. Now picture the Nike logo or the Apple Logo or even your logo taking to the air. How? Flogos!

What is a Flogo? It’s lighter than air foam, made from proprietary surfactant (fancy word for soap), and pressed into the shape of a logo.

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