Lightsleeper Beams Hypnotic Lights That Put You To Sleep

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Feeling Sleepy Yet?

Having problems sleeping?  Tried every solution in the book?  Lord knows there’s a good lot of them, from outright superstitious behavior to drowning your room in scents to popping the good ol’ pill.  Here’s another one you can try: sleeping with the light on.  Huh?!?

Well, not the big, bright light in your room.  Instead, you can try finding slumber by turning on the LightSleeper, a small lamp that projects a soft glowing light that’s supposed to soothe your troubled mind to sleep…

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Mile Long Secret Tunnel For Sale

Mile Long Secret Tunnel For Sale 

A stuffy, noisy mile-long secret Cold War tunnel is up for sale in London, asking price $7.4 million, connecting up Chancery Lane with the Thames. It’s only got two lifts, which means you couldn’t possibly get fire-code approval to run it as a hotel or club, but there’s all kinds of intriguing possibilities (e.g. ball pit) for this much subterranean volume.

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Sex Trumps Sleeping Aide


Difficulty Sleeping? Try Sex.

Though humans sleep away about one-third of their lives, sleep science is relatively new. But the latest results show that sex trumps sport as a sleeping aide. These are just some of the results presented at the annual convention of the German Sleep Society (DGSM) in Kassel, central Germany, where 1,500 scientists recently gathered to discuss factors contributing to good and healthy sleep.


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Transport Pod Bed

Transport Pod Bed 

Very much like the popular Metronaps Energypod, Napshell Sleeping Cocoon, and the Transport Pod Bed, the “Bubble of Silence” has been designed to create the perfect environment to avoid the noisy and stressful world. The exteriors of the Bubble have been influenced by natural ornaments such as shells, pebbles, cocoons and bubbles while the interiors make sure you are completely at ease.

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Indian Kids Sleeping Less

 Indian Kids Sleeping Less

 Indian kids are being conditioned at a young age to take over the world

Indian children are going to bed much later and are getting lesser sleep than their Caucasian counterparts. A largescale study, which compared the sleep patterns of children in Caucasian and Asian countries, found substantial differences in sleep patterns in young children.

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