Email Most Popular Mobile Internet Activity

mobile email

Email still more popular thatn social networking on mobile devices.

Social networking has become such a staple of online activity in the US that, according to Nielsen, internet users spent more time on social networking sites and blogs than doing any other activity in June 2010. Games, which came in second, took up less than half as much time.

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Gray Market for Electronic Counterfeit Gadgets is Very Lucrative in China


Fake iPhones

Apple’s iPhone 4 is not officially for sale yet in China and may not be for several months. Neither is the popular iPad touch-screen tablet.   But never mind. Both devices are readily available at a plethora of Chinese electronics malls in Beijing, Shanghai and all the major cities, in what constitutes China’s lucrative telecommunications “gray market” that rivals — and in some cases, surpasses — the real thing.


College Students in the U.S. Annoyed by Mobile Phone Ads


Marketing messages are not welcomed on students’ most intimate device.

Fully 100% of college students in the US have a mobile phone, and they use them constantly to communicate and connect. As such, mobile marketing becomes more difficult among this group because they see the devices as so personal.


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Modern Technology Makes it Easier to Track a Cheating Spouse


How to catch a cheating spouse

Tiger Woods. Jesse James. David Letterman. The list of celebrities who have cheated on their romantic partners is long. And, no, you’re not crazy if you find that worrisome.  After all, if Sandra Bullock, America’s sweetheart, can’t keep her biker spouse on the monogamy motorway, how can anyone be sure his or her partner isn’t running up a little extra mileage on the side? Don’t we live in an era when a detour to Troubletown is no more than a text message–or a Facebook “poke”–away?


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Next Generation Cell Networks Could Improve Service For Old and New Smartphones


The Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot lets multiple Wi-Fi devices share a connection to Sprint’s 4G network.

As cell phones take on more and more features, wireless carriers are struggling to keep up with data demands.

Whether wireless customers are watching videos on YouTube or uploading puppy pictures to Facebook, they want reliable speed. Upgrading the network is essential to meeting the needs of these customers, and each wireless carrier has its own plan of attack. Some are upgrading their existing third generation (3G) networks with better software before moving on to next generation networks. Others already have fourth generation (4G) networks up and running. In addition to transmitting high-definition video, these networks could alleviate traffic problems on existing networks, making service better for everyone–even folks who don’t plan on buying a new 4G-enabled device.


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Why Augmented Reality is a Fad and the Future


Layering data on top of smartphones and computer screens is both a fad and the future.

You wouldn’t immediately suspect that Yelp’s iPhone app might be a gift bestowed upon us by a benevolent superhero from the future. Load it up and the program’s in its Clark Kent garb — a useful-enough guide to local restaurants, bars, and merchants.


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Google Now Crowdsourcing Traffic To Make Your Commute Less Miserable


Google Maps crowdsources traffic

When used on phones with GPS (including the Pre and MyTouch 3G, though not the iPhone), Google Maps crowdsources huge batches of data on how fast you’re travelling on a particular street, thus measuring traffic for fellow drivers.


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Deposit Checks Using Your iPhone


Customers of USAA can photograph both sides of the check, send the images through an app and then void the check

The Internet has taken a lot of the paperwork out of banking, but there is no avoiding paper when someone gives you a check. Now one bank wants to let customers deposit checks immediately — through their phones.


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