The Manipulation Of Smell Can Lead To Losing Weight

The Manipulation Of Smell Can Lead To Lose Weight

Smell your way to losing weight

Like almost every dieter in America, Wendy Bassett has used all sorts of weight-loss products. Nothing worked, she said, until she tried Sensa: granules she scatters on almost everything she eats, and which are supposed to make dieters less hungry by enhancing the smell and taste of food.

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Caterpillars Utilize Sound and Stench As Defense


A Very Crafty Caterpillar

Caterpillars of the Great Peacock Moth (Saturnia pyri) are generating quite a buzz lately. A recent study has shown that these giant silkmoth caterpillars are advertising acoustically that they are unpallatable and warn of an upcoming defense strategy.

When disturbed by a would be attacker the caterpillars stridulate by rubbing their mouth parts together, creating broadband chirps spanning from 3.7-55.1 kHz. While it is still unclear who exactly they are advertising to, a predator would be well advised to stay away from their sharp, chemical exuding bristles.

Though is not the first example of sound production in caterpillars it is a novel mechanism, paving the way for future research.

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Treat Male Impotence With Your Nose


I Don’t Know What’s More Creepy The Patent Or This Picture? I Know It’s The Picture.

US Patent # 5,885,614 provides an olfactory experience known as Odors to Treat Male Impotence. The patent is based on the principle that smelling certain combinations of odors will effectively increase blood flow in certain parts of the male anatomy. The odors can be administered by scented cloths, sprays, scratch-and-sniff patches or just about anything else you can think of. (Let your imagination run wild)!

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The Stinkiest Fuel on Earth

 The Stinkiest Fuel on Earth

Powerful odors are still power

Will Brinton, the founder of Woods End Laboratories, a bioenergy consultancy, predicts a future without landfills. Instead we’ll use table scraps and sewage to power our homes. Just dump the waste into a household digester, and bacteria will break it down and release the natural gas methane. (Chart)

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Smencils – Gourmet Scented Pencils Made With Rolled Newspaper



Smell and Draw

On one hand, I really like that these Smencils are made from sheets of recycled newspaper tightly rolled around a #2 graphite core. Not only do they sharpen like a regular pencil, but you also get to see the different layers of newsprint as you grind them down, kind of like the rings on a tree. However, why they felt the need to then soak the pencils in gourmet liquid scents is beyond me. (Supposedly made by an award winning fragrance company.) The Smencils are available in packs of 10 (packaged in separate freshness tubes) and each one has a different scent including bubble gum, cinnamon, popcorn, grape, cotton candy, very berry, chocolate, orange, watermelon and rootbeer.

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Scratch-and-Sniff + Postage = Scented Stamps


The Infamous Rose-Scented Stamp of Bhutan.

In the past few decades, in order to raise revenue, postal administration of various countries have issued a growing number of …. scented stamps!

As far as how the stamp above evolved, “The tiny nation of Bhutan, located between India and China, is a economically underdeveloped nation. Surprisingly, the country’s lack of money does not translate into misery, though, as they are time and again judged to be among the happiest people in the world by unbiased sources, such as the United Nations. The people of Bhutan are very content, and its a safe bet that the nation’s postal system only adds to their happiness by the fun variety of stamps that they offer.”

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