Spooky Quantum Phenomena


I already Knew this… Lets put something more difficult up please!

Researchers have uncovered a fundamental link between the two defining properties of quantum physics. The result is being heralded as a dramatic breakthrough in our basic understanding of quantum mechanics and provides new clues to researchers seeking to understand the foundations of quantum theory.

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‘Super-Hero’ Material Stretched Into a Possible Electronics Revolution

Cornell researchers made a thin film of europium titanate

It’s the Clark Kent of oxide compounds, and – on its own – it is pretty boring. But slice europium titanate nanometers thin and physically stretch it, and then it takes on super hero-like properties that could revolutionize electronics, according to new Cornell research.

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Researchers Hear Puzzling New Physics from Graphene Quartet’s Quantum Harmonies


This artist’s rendition illustrates the electron energy levels in graphene as revealed by a unique NIST instrument.

Using a one-of-a-kind instrument designed and built at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an international team of researchers have “unveiled” a quartet of graphene’s electron states and discovered that electrons in graphene can split up into an unexpected and tantalizing set of energy levels when exposed to extremely low temperatures and extremely high magnetic fields. Published in this week’s issue of Nature, the new research raises several intriguing questions about the fundamental physics of this exciting material and reveals new effects that may make graphene even more powerful than previously expected for practical applications.

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