Teams Compete for $500K Prize in ‘Smarter, Safer, Greener House’ Competition

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Global teams will compete for $500k prize in
the ultimate home makeover contest

On Monday, Colorado-based DaVinci Quest announced a global competition that would invite teams to design and renovate environmentally friendly smart homes in Longmont, Colorado, and win a cash prize of up to $500,000. Team competition details after the jump.

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Find Musical Success With Sell-A-Band

So you’re sure you have worked all the angles to get your band off the ground and on its way to mega fame? Have you tried hocking your musical wares on Sell-A-Band? No, you don’t have to sell your soul to some label douche in preparation of getting reemed at some later date, but you may meet the fan or fans who can put you on the musical map.
Sell-A-Band is a unique way to to propell your band into the ears of musical patrons from around the globe who can put their money where their feelings are. Members of the site become believers, not just simply a fan. Currently the band with the most support that also happens to be seeking the most funding is a blast from the yo yo yo musical past – Public Enemy.
Here’s how the site describes their operations.
“SellaBand is based in Amsterdam, the creative capital of Europe. Since its launch in August 2006, SellaBand has coordinated recording sessions for 37 artists or acts who had their albums funded by their fans. Over $3,000,000 has been invested in independent bands via With SellaBand, artists retain complete ownership of the works created and have the flexibility to determine which incentives they will offer their fans who fund them…”

Product Placement To Be Allowed On British Television

Placement ad whoring

Product placement is to be allowed on British TV shows, in a move due to be announced this week.

Independent broadcasters will be allowed to take payments for displaying commercial products during shows.

The change is intended to bring in extra funds for commercial broadcasters.

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