What Is The Sport Of Kiiking?


Kiiking sure looks like a lot of fun.

This YouTube video shows you a crazy, and cool, new sport. It’s called Kiiking. And it was invented in Estonia. Kiik means swing in Estonian.

We all remember pumping away on the schoolyard swing set. You imagined you could swing all the way around the bar. Well, Kiiking makes that dream possible. It’s a standing swing with stiff, steel arms. When strapped in, you can swing 360-degrees around.

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Silly Sports


Walking Hard

An Irish lawyer determined to make the world a sillier place has launched the race to stage the inaugural Paddy Olympics with madcap challenges like backward running and underwater swimming.

“Nonsense makes sense,” said Colin Carroll as he sent out bid documents to the mayors of Boston, London, Beijing, Paris, New York and every city in Ireland, trying to tempt them to host the surreal sporting extravaganza.

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HangBoarding – The Closest Thing to Flying


Hangboarding is like nothing you have ever done before. With every activity the rider, the player, the driver, whatever they are, they have to learn the sport in their mind and in their body. Mentally, hangboarding is much like skiing or snowboarding. You have to know your lines and know your mountain. For the body though, hangboarding is unique.


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