Russian Cheerleaders – A New Cultural Phenomenon

Russian Cheerleaders 781

Russian Cheerleaders – Establishing their own brand of elegance

Russian sports teams have long been some of the most competitive in the world, but the cheerleaders are just now making their way on to the world stage establishing a whole new style and provocative new standards. But they do add a whole new meaning to the word “titillating”.  (Pics)

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Spending Hours In Front Of Television Or Computer Can Raise Children’s Blood Pressure


Too much screen time diverts children away from more active hobbies, such as sports

Researchers found those who spent the most time in front of a screen, an average of two and a half hours a day, had “significantly” higher blood pressure levels than those who spent hardly any.

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Paragolfer Machine Lets Paralyzed People Golf


[Skip the intro to mark 1:00 for the good stuff!]


Being paralyzed shouldn’t stop someone from engaging in a sport lovingly described by Mark Twain as “a good walk, ruined,” thanks to the Paragolfer machine by Parabasetec.

Check out the paragolfer in action (yes, it’s a promo video, but it’s amazing nonetheless)…

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Playing Nintendo Wii Can Help Relieve Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Playing Nintendo Wii Can Help Relieve Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s patient uses the Nintendo Wii with guidance from her occupational therapist 

The games console, which simulates sport and other physical activities like dancing and guitar hero, could potentially improve symptoms of the degenerative illness, experts say.

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True Motion Golf And Tennis


Now you can see how bad your swing really is face to face or at least a computer image of yourself looking back at you

EA Sports boss Peter Moore has officially announced details on the publishers’ first titles set to support Wii MotionPlus functionality, with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and Grand Slam Tennis the first of a number of EA games set to make use of Nintendo’s new mo-control tech. Continue reading… “True Motion Golf And Tennis”


Tailgating Car For The Super Fan


Pretty Cool Idea Until A Spark Hits The Gas Tank (Notice The Charcoal And Lighter Underneath The Car)

I’m always impressed with the level of dedication some people bring to tailgating. I mean, essentially tailgating is just cooking burgers and getting drunk in a parking lot. You wouldn’t think you’d need too much to get that done successfully, but some people are just so into it, they go above and beyond. I mean, just look at this car.

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StowRight: The Extra Clever Cargo Carrier

StowRight:  The Extra Clever Cargo Carrier 

Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase  

Created by an aerospace engineer tired of having his trunk ruined by spilled takeout food and muddy sports gear, StowRightTM is the Extra Clever Cargo Carrier. It’s the only vehicle storage solution offering a generous 3.5 cubic feet of contained, leakproof storage that instantly partitions to keep items of any size from sliding, breaking or turning over. Plus, StowRight’s patented space-saving design folds flat to a lightweight storage case in just 10 seconds.

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What Is The Sport Of Kiiking?


Kiiking sure looks like a lot of fun.

This YouTube video shows you a crazy, and cool, new sport. It’s called Kiiking. And it was invented in Estonia. Kiik means swing in Estonian.

We all remember pumping away on the schoolyard swing set. You imagined you could swing all the way around the bar. Well, Kiiking makes that dream possible. It’s a standing swing with stiff, steel arms. When strapped in, you can swing 360-degrees around.

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