R2D2 Backpack


Now I know you will either get locked in a school locker or shoved into a trash can for wearing this geeky item

If you want to send your child off to school with all possible advantages, setting them up for a lifetime of success and well-balanced friendship, you really should avoid this R2-D2 backpack. Because really, no matter how much you or your kid loves Star Wars, there is just no way this won’t get your kid beat up. Continue reading… “R2D2 Backpack”

Millennium Falcon Cuff Links


For those who feel secure with their own masculinity

Most geeky lifestyles don’t involve going to a lot of formal events, but there is always going to be the occasional wedding or other fancy occasion when we need to put away the hip mounted cell phone and get dressed up. Still, you’ll probably want to maintain some way to signal any fellow geeks at the event, so that you can hook up at the reception and discuss whether Chris Pine or William Shatner makes a better James T Kirk. Continue reading… “Millennium Falcon Cuff Links”

Holocube 3D Projection Box

Holocube 3D Projection Box


Now you can enjoy 3D imaging right on your desk with this interesting holographic display ‘Holocube 3D Projection Box’. It sports an integrated HDD that stores video and uses it to create 3D Holograms at a resolution of 1080i. It won’t produce a Princess in trouble, telling you that you are her only hope. Nor will it let you talk to your Sith lord or Sith apprentice in real time.

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Star Wars Bowling Balls: May The Perfect Game Be With You



Darth Vader Bowling Ball

Real Jedi knock bowling pins down with their mind, but we plebeians have access to the next best thing with these Brunswick Star Wars Viz-a-Ball bowling balls. Better yet, we can all avoid wretched hives of scum and villainy like Mos Eisley, and buy them over at Amazon for about $92-$120 each. There’s Yoda and C-3PO, and even a Darth Maul ball, although we hear that one relies a little bit too much on special effects and bad acting to get the job done.


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Holographic Televisions Only 5 To 10 Years Away

Holographic Televisions Only Be 5 To 10 Years Away 

Holographic television sets may be only a few years off thanks to a new breakthrough in 3D technology. Researchers at the University of Arizona said they had made the first updatable 3D displays with memory, a prerequisite for getting any holographic image to move. With the new technology, displays can now be erased and rewritten in a matter of minutes.

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