Rejected Star Wars Promotional Items


With all the Star Wars items on the market today, this has to be pretty bad, tacky and just out there stuff, to have been rejected right? How about Bantha slippers? Some seem fine, if a bit odd, like Galactic Foosball or the Death Star dart board. My favorite is the Galactic Big Game trophies. Nothing says geek like the heads of various Star Wars beasts on the wall. Pictures after jump.

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The Amazing “Death Star” Hotel in Azerbaijan

Death Star Hotel

This 521-foot-high hotel is coming to Baku, Azerbaijan, either to host a bunch of Imperial forces or obliterate the local population with a giant death ray. They call it “Full Moon” but they are not fooling us: this is a fully armed, fully operational battle station. And it shall be destroyed before it’s too late, with a bunch of small fighters that can escape its turbolasers and drop proton torpedoes down an exhaust port.

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