Amazing Wooden Sports Car

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Sportin’ a Woodie!
Forget carbon fibre or special metal alloys, this Japanese sports car manufactured by Sada-Kenbi is made from wood. This special car was hand built by wood craftsmen and is actually legal to drive in Japan. The car can accelerate up to 80 kmh (50 mph) and is for sale at a bargain price of $44,000.

It also features a motorcycle-like handlebar steering system, gull wing doors and even has a stereo…. (Pics & video)

Street-Embedded Sensors Monitor Parking Availability In San Francisco

Street-Embedded Sensors Monitor Parking Aailability In San Francisco

Parking assist: This prototype of the San Francisco parking network’s Web interface will let drivers find available parking spots. 

This fall, San Francisco will implement the largest mesh network for monitoring parking to date. Around 6,000 wireless sensors from the San Francisco company Streetline will be fixed alongside as many parking spots, monitoring both parking availability and the volume and speed of passing traffic. The city hopes that displaying information from the sensors on Web maps, smart phones, and signs on the street will reduce the traffic and pollution caused by circling cars.

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