Amazing Photos of Stunt Glider Crashing Into Runway

glider 1

Amazingly pilot Mike Newman walked away from this crash with just a few injuries.

This is the moment when a stunt glider slammed into a runway ahead of 15,000 horrified fans at Shoreham air show. Astonishingly pilot Mike Newman, 35, crawled out of the wreckage of the high performance Swift S-1 aircraft after the cockpit broke up on impact. (Pics)


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Corporate ‘Candidate’ Running for Congress in Campaign Stunt


Murray Hill Inc. running for Congress

Murray Hill might be the perfect candidate for this political moment: young, bold, media-savvy, a Washington outsider eager to reshape the way things are done in the nation’s capital. And if these are cynical times, well, then, it’s safe to say Murray Hill is by far the most cynical.

Skydivers Break U.S. Record In ‘Largest Wingsuit Formation Dive’


68 wingsuit skydiving in formation over Lake Elsinore, California

Almost 70 skydivers took part in the ‘Largest Wingsuit Formation Dive’ in US history, after spending months perfecting the stunt.  The 68 skydivers had to qualify in order to be part of the jump over Lake Elsinore, California.


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