Fire Extinguisher


Its not fireproof but fire cool

Fire safety and prevention is some pretty serious business – something small can turn into something big rather quickly. Along those lines designer Sigrun Vik, a student at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, is operating under an interesting assumption: We don’t use (or know how to use) our fire extinguishers because they’re unsightly and hidden away. Continue reading… “Fire Extinguisher”


iPod Jeans By Levi’s Redwire DLX Jeans


A new pair of jeans was on my shopping list for Christmas. I was on the lookout for something new and innovative when a friend recommended that I have a look at the new Levi’s Redwire DLX Jeans.

Continue reading… “iPod Jeans By Levi’s Redwire DLX Jeans”