Physicists Search For Dark Matter


Milky Way Galaxy

95%. That is the percentage of the known Universe that is missing. As in it is not there. Or at least if it is there, we can’t see it. We call this unseen stuff “dark matter”. That has been well known for sometime. What is trickier in answering is why? Why is it that 95% of the universe is made up of this so-named “dark matter?” An even trickier question is where? As in where is this dark matter? It is those two questions that have plagued physicists for decades. Dark matter, by its own definition cannot be seen, hence its name. So how do we “see” it, how do we know “where” to look?


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Quantum Cryptography – Latest Technology To Protect Information

Quantum Cryptography - Latest Technology To Protect Information 

Quantum cryptography seems to be the latest technology that might help in protecting people’s information. The technique depends on Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, which states that it is impossible to measure at the subatomic level without altering it. So, when a QC system sends a message in 0 and 1 format, and if someone tries to eavesdrop, the message structure changes and the recipient can detect the tampering. The message, which is sent in the form of a photon beam, doesn’t encode the message but only contains the key for the actual message, and the recipient later uses the key, which is shared by the sender to encode the message.

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