The Power Of The Powerizer

powerizers 1

Humans have long and hard strived to be run faster and jump higher. Now that can be achieved for a little over $300! Welcome the Powerizers:

Strap Powerizers on and you will be able to jump 2m (7ft) in the air, leap 3m (10ft) for every stride and run at speeds of 20mph. Powerizers work like a super-muscle, enhancing your natural strength. Curved springs attach to the bottom of the Powerizers and harness the gravitational energy that is created when your weight is forced down. The super-charged springs then push back with extreme force causing you to walk, run and jump like never before. (Video)


Super Powered Solar Cells

1366 Super Powered Solar Cells

Light (here from a red laser) hits the Light-Capturing Ribbon,
then reflects back off the surface of the glass and illuminates the silicon matrix.

An MIT researcher has found a way to significantly improve the efficiently of an important type of silicon solar cells while keeping costs about the same. The technology is being commercialized by a startup in Lexington, MA, called 1366 Technologies, which today announced its first round of funding. Venture capitalists invested $12.8 million in the company.

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