Tailgating Car For The Super Fan


Pretty Cool Idea Until A Spark Hits The Gas Tank (Notice The Charcoal And Lighter Underneath The Car)

I’m always impressed with the level of dedication some people bring to tailgating. I mean, essentially tailgating is just cooking burgers and getting drunk in a parking lot. You wouldn’t think you’d need too much to get that done successfully, but some people are just so into it, they go above and beyond. I mean, just look at this car.

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Capsule Caravan For A Fun-Filled Caravanning Time

Capsule Caravan 

 Capsule Caravan

Keeping up with the spirit of up-scale alfresco entertainment that oozed from the 10 Best Tailgating options, here’s another equally smart, compact, self-sufficient alternative. Sadly still a concept, the Capsule Caravan is conceptualized by David Tonkinson for a fun-filled caravanning time. Intending to revive the old fashion of caravan living, David has shaped up this uber compact and light-weighted capsule that can comfortably house two people. Simply hook it to your city car and tow it to your destination to cut off from this chaotic lifestyle.

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