Container Trucks Recycled Into Mobile Homes

tanker apartment 1111

Whether the trucks were transporting oil, milk or some other sort of liquid, designer Aristide Antonas has conjured up a world where we would recycle the containers into apartments. The gallery below shows a post-apocalyptic world where we remain mobile. (Pics)

As Antonas says, these keg apartments:

“…can be detached from their cars and can form more stable units for a certain period. A big circular window can be introduced in the vehicle’s cylinder towards the car’s side with the use of an enforced circular frame. This will give the form of a window open to the driver’s section or to any chosen view if the keg stops in a particular way.

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Amatoya Firefighting ATV – New Approach To Firefighting



Amatoya is a concept reconnaissance and suppression vehicle that gives us a new approach to fire-fighting. This highly advanced and specialized light tanker functions primarily as a reconnaissance vehicle and offers unmatched vehicle and crew safety/survivability. It promises to be the best front line defense during the scene of an emergency. Read on to know more…. (Pics)

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