MySpace to Offer HyperTargeting Ad System

MySpace to Offer HyperTargeting Ad System

Rather than giving everyone the full-sex treatment with its ads,
MySpace wants to create ads that are more relevant to its readers

MySpace will give users the option of whether they want to participate in a targeted advertising system that mines their profile’s information, a senior company official said on Tuesday.

MySpace’s HyperTargeting system will look at a person’s interests listed on their public profile and then classify the user into particular interest-specific categories, said Travis Katz, senior vice president for MySpace International.

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The Future of Advertising

Futurists Glen Hiemstra and Gerd Leonhard on the Future of Advertising

Advertising has always been something we suffered through, particularly in such passive activities as television watching. On the other hand, online advertising has become more context sensitive. Glen and Gerd discuss how this new model will continue to grow in the future as a better way to reach consumers.

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