Summer 2010 is the Worst Summer on Record for Youth Employment

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Summer 2010 is the worst summer on record for teens who wanted jobs.

The worst summer on record for young people who wanted a job is staggering to an end this Labor Day weekend. Only 47.6% of people ages 16 to 24 had jobs in August, the lowest level since the government began keeping track in 1948, the Labor Department said Friday. By comparison, 62.8% of that age group was employed in August 2000.


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Sleep-Deprived Teens Who Spend All Night Online Triple Their Chances of Mental Illness


Over the past few decades young adults have been sleeping fewer and fewer hours.

Young people who rob themselves of sleep by spending all night surfing the internet and playing computer games are tripling their chances of developing a mental illness, according to research.   People who sleep less than five hours a night are up to three times more likely to become mentally ill than those sleeping eight or nine hours, the report said.


I-dosing: Teens Getting High on Digital Drugs


I-dosing – an alarming new trend among teens.

Kids around the country are getting high on the internet, thanks to MP3s that induce a state of ecstasy. And it could be a gateway drug leading teens to real-world narcotics.  At least, that’s what Kansas News 9 is reporting about a phenomenon called “i-dosing,” which involves finding an online dealer who can hook you up with “digital drugs” that get you high through your headphones.

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Sexting – Entering the Nude Teen Underground


Sexting has become a buzzword at middle and high schools

A Bethesda middle school student allegedly rented his iPod Touch to classmates who clicked through images of female classmates and other girls in various states of undress, according to Montgomery County police who are investigating the sexting at Pyle Middle School.


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Web-Addicted Teens More Likely To Harm Themselves


A survey of Chinese adolescents found that teens who are addicted to the Internet are twice as likely to harm themselves as other teens.The survey of 1,618 students aged 13 to 18 who were living in the Chinese city of Guangzhou in Guandong Province found that about 16% said they had harmed themselves in some way within the previous six months; 4.5% reported that they’d harmed themselves at least six times during that period.


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Teens Cell Phone Use Catching Up To Adults


Teenagers have previously lagged behind adults in their ownership of cell phones, but several years of survey data collected by the Pew Internet & American Life Project show that those ages 12-17 are closing the gap in cell phone ownership. The Pew Internet Project first began surveying teenagers about their mobile phones in its 2004 Teens and Parents project, when a survey showed that 45% of teens had a cell phone. Since that time, mobile phone use has climbed steadily among teens ages 12 to 17 — to 63% in fall of 2006 and to 71% in early 2008.


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Smartphones To Text Obese Kids Thin

Cell Phones To Text Obese Kids Thin

Doctors are using mobile technology to detect lethargy in overweight teenagers, and prompt them to exercise

Technology gets the blame for a lot of health problems: cars make you lazy, video games make you violent and MP3 players make you deaf. Now researchers at the University of Southern California are hoping to prove that mobile phones, at least, can have a positive effect. They plan to connect 50 obese teenagers to a battery of sensors and use mobiles to text the kids thin.

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Girls Have Finer Sense of Taste Than Boys, But Boys Have A Sweeter Tooth

Girls Have Finer Sense of Taste Than Boys, But Boys Have A Sweeter Tooth 

Boys have a sweeter tooth than girls

On average boys need 10 per cent more sourness and 20 per cent more sweetness in their grub to recognise how tasty it is.  However, boys prefer wild and extreme tastes compared to the muted flavours favoured by girls, the figures revealed.

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