Transparent BubbleTree – A Tent That Gives Camper A Great View of the Night Sky


Bubble tent

For those who are planning to unwind among nature during the holiday season, French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas has designed a series of luxury tents “BubbleTree” for a fun-filled camping experience. The inflatable bubble tents are decked out with wardrobes, sofas and electric lights for a comfortable stay.And, the series feature CristalBubble, a completely transparent tent for the exhibitionists, while “Cocooning” is the version for those who seek privacy. Continue reading… “Transparent BubbleTree – A Tent That Gives Camper A Great View of the Night Sky”

Pitch a Hemp Tent in the Green Outdoors

green-outdoor-hemp-tent 34132

Hemp tent and inner vent.

There is a enduring urban myth that Levi Strauss made his first jeans from hemp sail cloth, that he’d originally intended to sell as tent fabric to Californian Gold Rush prospectors. Although the company’s records were destroyed in the 1906 earthquake and fire, the official Levi Strauss history tends not to bear out this charming story.

But legends aside, hemp would’ve made a worthy tent fabric. It is strong, durable, resistant to UV light, with absorbent fibres that would swell when wet offering a tighter seal against moisture. All the reasons it was the sail material of choice back in its hey day.

Moving on to the modern day we find that a British company, Green Outdoor, is bringing the hemp tent back to life. (As well as tents of recycled polyester.)

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Solar-Powered Art Rainbow Party Tent

Solar-Powered Art Rainbow Party Tent 

Never mind renting a tent with faux Palladian-style arched windows for that chic outdoor soirée – make your guests think a UFO has landed in your yard with the solar-powered Art Rainbow. Providing shade and psychedelic colors akin to multi-hued sunglasses by day, this design concept’s solar panels are charging up its batteries all the while, ready to light up the night with its flexible LED matrix display panels when the sun goes down. (We suggest the designer specify flexible OLED solar panels.)

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