Leech Therapy


It takes a sucker to …

Heard the one about the Hollywood actress and the bloodsucking leech? She took it to a restaurant and said: “Have you met my agent?”

Yes, that’s a poor joke but it must be said that leeches haven’t enjoyed the greatest PR profile in recent years (e.g, What’s the difference between a lawyer and a leech? Answer: A leech stops sucking you dry after you’re dead). But, oh, how things can change in a heartbeat. News this week that Demi Moore uses leeches as her health and beauty cleansers is big news. Second video after the jump.

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Videogames: A New Form of Therapy

 Videogames: A New Form of Therapy

Wii therapy. Not designed for everyone

Videogames are known to improve hand-eye coordination but can they help someone quit smoking or lose weight?

Hot on the heels of Nintendo’s smash success, ‘Wii Fit’, game makers are introducing new titles with a healthy focus, such as French game publisher Ubisoft’s “Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking” that hits on Nintendo DS in November.

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Lights, Sound, Thermal Therapy!

Thermal Sound Spa

STOP by several of Europe’s thermal spa clinics and you will think you have dropped into a waiting room in purgatory. Sterile and dull hospital-like interiors are usually scattered with pale, slipper-clad clientele who look like they have not had much fun since celebrating the end of World War II.

At the Toskana Therme, however, at the tiny eastern German town of Bad Sulza near Weimar, trance dance workshops are in full swing, and guests of all ages travel far and wide monthly for full-moon underwater live DJ sets. The program attracts thousands of visitors a year, and now spas as far away as Miami are starting to take notice.

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