Year 2030: Top Ten Predictions

Top Ten Predictions For The Future

The World Future  Society has released a 10-page report forecasting more than 70 major global  developments for the coming year and beyond. The OUTLOOK 2009 report examines  the key trends in technology, the environment, the economy, international  relations, etc., in order to paint a full and credible portrait of our likely  future. Among the most provocative  findings:

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The Future of Retail

The Future of Retail

Futurist Thomas Frey – Imagine yourself walking through a shop, wanting to know more information on a particular product. You pull out your phone, point it at the product and click a button, instantly revealing a page with product information, links to product reviews, and places to purchase it online. Pressing another button you are given options for purchasing it online and having it delivered to your home. Since you are already in a retail store, you could purchase it there if the price differential isn’t too great.

But the shopping experience isn’t necessarily confined to a store. If a person walks by on the street and you just happen to like the jacket they are wearing, just aim your phone, point and click. You can see the same jacket displayed on your screen in a variety of colors and styles, with your ability to complete the purchase transaction only a click or two away.

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Priceline Founder, Jay Walker to Speak at Colorado Inventor Showcase

Colorado Inventor Showcase – 2008
Produced by the DaVinci Institute along with
some of the finest inventors in the world

This year’s event will mark the 4th annual Colorado Inventor Showcase. Each year the Showcase attracts some of the nation’s finest inventors and their incredibly clever inventions. Inventions are judged by a cast of over 50 celebrity judges, and will be on display throughout the afternoon and evening for all attendees.

Featured Speaker Jay S. Walker, Founder of Jay Walker is chairman of Walker Digital, a private R&D laboratory based in Stamford, CT. He founded the lab in 1994 with the guiding vision that new consumer applications for large-scale networks represent the key growth opportunity for many industries. Walker holds around 250 U.S. patents. In total, Walker Digital has invented about 1,000 applications for the Internet, cell phones, credit-card networks, and casino networks, as well as vending machines and lottery and retail networks. The company employs teams of inventors, engineers, designers, and attorneys. Typically, it partners with Fortune 500 firms to bring its inventions to market. Walker is best known as the founder of He also founded Synapse, which became the world’s largest seller of magazine subscriptions and is now a unit of Time Warner.

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The Future of the Avatar

Messing with the Reality of Reality

Next Generation Gaming is Not for the Faint of Heart

Thomas Frey: Life is a game. Every day we find ourselves in the middle of the game, involving the work we do, the people we hang out with, and the social structures that surround us.

But who exactly created this game? Each day we live our lives as animated playing pieces, playing by rules that others created. Conformity is a constant force, imposing a lifestyle that most of us were born into, saddled with goals that often go cross-grain with our personal strengths. All of this, however, is about to change.

In the future, the very near future, nothing we hold dear today will remain sacred. Not even the rules for our own game of life.

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Futurist Thomas Frey on “Radical Transparency”


The Whole Earth Genealogy Project – Where will it lead?

Starting with a concept for creating the genealogy for the entire earth, Futurist Thomas Frey takes people on a fascinating journey into the topic of radical transparency.

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Futurist Thomas Frey on Flying Cars

Futurist Thomas Frey on Flying Cars 

Redefining the flying car

What exactly is a flying car?

My life is a bit unusual in that I often have conversations with people about the topic of flying cars. Since I was a child I dreamed about the day that we would have flying cars. But, other than the vague notion of the flying car that George Jetson drove each day to Spacely Sprockets, we have no real definition of the flying car, until now.

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