Exercises to Strengthen the Throat Can Relieve Sleep Apnea

sleep apnea

Throat exercises may be a free and simple alternative to the specialized breathing machines.

For people suffering from sleep apnea, specialized breathing machines are the standard treatment.  The machines use a method called continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, which keeps the airway open and relieves potentially dangerous pauses in breathing during the night. But the machines are expensive, and some people complain that the mask and headgear cause uncomfortable side effects, like congestion.


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Groundbreaking Windpipe Transplant

windpipe transplant

Windpipe transplant

A Belgian woman, Linda De Croock, has undergone a groundbreaking windpipe transplant after her own throat was crushed in a car accident 25 years ago.  Ms De Croock, 54, has been able to come off drugs to stop her body rejecting the donor windpipe, in a major advance that could offer hope for similar operations.  The windpipe was taken from a dead man and implanted into her forearm where her own tissue grew around the cartilage scaffold.


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