Apple Patents “Concert Ticket+” System

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Patently Apple just dug up an Apple patent for an interesting electronic ticket system. The Concert Ticket+ will be an iPhone app through which you could purchase, use, or store your tickets, removing the need for paper tickets than can be easily misplaced. Despite its name, the electronic ticket app is designed to also cover sporting events, amusement parks, weddings, and a lot more.

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Run a Total Background Check on Yourself with Free Online Tools


Consumer-advocate blog Consumerist is always looking to help you keep tabs on Big Brother and any of your personal information He’s tracking. Toward that end, their comprehensive list of online background-checking tools is worth a look.

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Maryland Students Use Speed Cameras To Exact Revenge


Making Big Brother Work For You 

As a prank, students from local high schools have been taking advantage of the county’s Speed Camera Program in order to exact revenge on people who they believe have wronged them in the past, including other students and even teachers.
Students from Richard Montgomery High School dubbed the prank the Speed Camera “Pimping” game, according to a parent of a student enrolled at one of the high schools.

Originating from Wootton High School, the parent said, students duplicate the license plates by printing plate numbers on glossy photo paper, using fonts from certain websites that “mimic” those on Maryland license plates. They tape the duplicate plate over the existing plate on the back of their car and purposefully speed through a speed camera, the parent said. The victim then receives a citation in the mail days later.

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