Space-Age Plasma Jet ‘Set To Replace Dentist’s Drill’

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A futuristic ‘plasma jet’ that eradicates tooth decay without fillings could be replacing the hated dentist’s drill in as little as three years, it was claimed today.

The space-age device fires a beam of electrically-charged oxygen atoms into tooth cavities to obliterate decay-causing bacteria.

Traditionally, the same job is done by drilling holes into the tooth that has to be filled.

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StataSphere Boot Camp – January 9th – Special Offer!


StataSphere Boot Camp with Phil Lawson

SPECIAL OFFER: People who sign up today will be given private web accounts so they can take the patented StataSphere. They can print out their results and bring their sphere-charts so they can SEE how their company is doing and develop an engagement plan for action.

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Special Offer – Statasphere Boot Camp – January 9th


The Statasphere Boot Camp with Phil Lawson

What if there was a tool that could give you a significant competitive edge over your competition? And what if that tool helped put the entire rest of your life into perspective?

The most successful people in the world all have their own secret tools that give them an edge, so why not you?

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Hydrokinetic Adjustable Wrench

Doctor Who has his sonic screwdriver – a small tool that can adjust to any situation. It uses advancements in technology to provide an infinitely adaptable tool. While the Hydrokinetic Adjustable Wrench won’t let you start up your TARDIS, it will let you fiddle with twenty three different sizes of bolts and nuts. And the secret resides in wrench’s liquid core. Take a look at the little computer graphic cut-away, and you’ll know what we mean. (pic after jump…)

Nutrition Facts Labels for Songs


Before you download the next pop hit from iTunes, check whether it is hazardous to your health. A teen panel working with the Boston Public Health Commission has set up a “nutrition facts label” rating (like that seen on food items) for songs:

“Music, like food, can feed our brains and give us energy,” said Casey Corcoran, director of the Commission’s Start Strong Initiative. “But songs can affect our health and the health of our relationships.”

The tool, patterned after common food nutritional labels, invites consumers to become song lyric nutritionists by helping them identify relationship ingredients that make up a song. Using printed song lyrics as a guide, users can tally the number of healthy relationship themes, such as respect, equality, and trust, which are present in the song. And, like fattening calories, unhealthy relationship themes – possession, disrespect, and manipulation – are also counted. The number of times these themes are mentioned also factor into to the song’s total nutritional value. Corcoran recommends consuming lots of ‘healthy relationship’ ingredients for a balanced media diet.

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Another Tool To Help You Spy On Your Neighbors and Children

Next-Room-Eavesdropping-Device 2345

We don’t know who will purchase this eavesdropping device and this kit is good as its claim. The Next Room Eavesdropping Device($62) looks a bit like the business end of a stethoscope, but uses an electronic internal sound amplifier to boost the noises coming through a wall, door, window and even steel plates. It includes a set of a set of headphones, built-in rechargeable battery charge via USB, ON/OFF Switch Button with volume Dial.

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Handcuff Key/Writing Instrument


Its a criminals new best friend

The Combination Handcuff Key and Writing Instrument also referred to among the non-incarcerated as Patent#US 6880369, is comprised of a pen that has a writing end and a closed end and a cap that will fit on either one. A handcuff key is formed on the closed end of the cap, which extends longitudinally. When the writing end of the pen is inserted into the one end of the cap, the pen and cap together form a handle for the handcuff key that can be easily carried and accessed.

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No You Can Get It Right The First Time

This world is getting so techno-advanced, now even the lowly bolt is getting into the act. Behold the Smartbolt, fitted with a tiny indicator disk on top that shows you just how tight it is. There’s nothing electronic about it – it’s a visual tension indicator that starts out red and turns more black as you tighten it. There’s a more-precise version that goes from yellow to green when 90% tight, turning black at 100%.

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Wearable Hummingbird Feeder


The feeder is based on a Professional Grade Fully Adjustable Full Face Face Shield. These cost $20, are built sturdily with an excellent Hi-Impact and very clear face shield. But they only come in blue. We put several coats of red Krylon on the head piece after we drill some holes for attaching the upper holder for the miniaturized feeding tube.

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