EDITT Tower Adds Green To The Skyline



Singapore’s upcoming EDITT Tower, or the “Ecological Design In The Tropics” Tower, is green inside and out. Designed by the architects at TR Hamzah & Yeang and sponsored by the National University of Singapore, the 26-story structure features a prominent living wall of plants that adds some color, ventilation and dedicated biogas generation.

The plants take up about half of the structure and it’s planned that it’ll be made from local vegetation. Ramps will connect EDITT to the surrounding shops and offices, so people can pop in for a visit to check out the garden. The building is also covered with photovoltaic panels that’ll account for 39.7% of its power, and rainwater will be collected for both plant irrigation and supplying the building’s water supply – for flushing a toilet, for instance.

Check out the gallery below for more of the EDITT Tower.

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