Lego Security Bracelet To Track Your Kids

Lego Security Bracelet To Track Your Kids 

 Lego Security Bracelet

The craze for Lego Bricks is just immortal. Lego is one thing that lures us back every time, we may avoid it for a while, but these professionals churn out the newest of things, prompting us to go head over heels for their exquisite makes. This conceptual security bracelet for kids, a project led by Rodrigo Torres, is the hottest Lego creation that we could get about in a period. The bracelet is a perfect device for parents to keep track of their child’s whereabouts.

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Lego Ferrari F1: New Track Burner


Lego Ferrari

 Does the F1 drive you faster than Hamilton drives the McLaren? Do LEGO bricks bring back the obsession in you to become a child again, or a master at the art? Do you wish to gawk at the sleekest of LEGO Creations? Hold, I have a cause. Here is an authentic Ferrari model made out in 80,000 LEGOs (actual size), which gives you all the detail of a true Ferrari F1 race car you always wanted to know. The LEGO Ferrari F1 could be seen at the LEGO World in Holland, celebrating the anniversary of the famous toy brand.


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Introducing The Blade Runner

 Introducing The Blade Runner

50% bus, 50% truck, 50% train

The British company Silvertip Design has created a concept vehicle, which is a cross between a light rail and a bus. The Blade Runner concept aims to reduce traffic congestion and is a dual-mode vehicle concept. The unique feature of the Blade Runner is that it is equipped with both road wheels and retractable rail wheels. So it can switch between driving on roads and railway tracks. (Pics)

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Trans-Atlantic Supersonic Maglev Vacuum Tube Train

 Trans-Atlantic Supersonic Maglev Vacuum Tube Train
 Piece of cake.  No serious engineering needed here

The idea is as wondrous as it is audacious: Get on a train at New York City’s Penn Station and hit Paris, London or Brussels just an hour later. “From an engineering point of view there are no serious stumbling blocks,” says Ernst Frankel, retired professor of ocean engineering at MIT.

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