Apple Magic Trackpad – Multi-Touch Trackpad for Your Desktop


So it’s real, and… it’s a trackpad. What seemed like it might have been pure rumor and some good Photoshopping just a short while ago has magically (ha ha!) transformed into reality. If you’re wondering what the Magic Trackpad is like to use — get ready for a shock.  (Pics)


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Wall-Mounted Smart-Leaf PC

Wall-Mounted Smart-Leaf PC 

 Smart-Leaf PC

Space is always a problem with PCs, but putting a PC onto the wall, Originatic has brought out a solution to the quandary. Scheduled for the CES ’09 debut is the all-in-one wall-mounted Smart-Leaf PC, designed with space-saving intentions. So if you’re a casual PC user, there isn’t anything better coming your way anytime soon, therefore this rugged PC with all eminent features is worth a gaze.

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