Apple Trademarks Their Retail Stores And iDisk Icon

istore trademark 54

Watch out, Joe’s Bait and Tackle, you better not have a big, open glass door with light wooden tables along the middle and light wooden shelves lining the walls on which you will display your wares, including, but not limited to laptops and computers. Apple has that entire color scheme and layout, so don’t even think about it.

That’s right: Apple trademarked their retail stores. Here’s the skinny…

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Pushing the iLimits

Pushing the iLimits  

 iFart Mobile developed by internet entrepreneur and best selling author Joel Comm

The mother of invention is probably wagging a finger at creative genius Joel Comm as he wears a smug smile. One can easily appreciate Comm’s remarkable Internet marketing genius. Everyone has thought of it, but he’s among the few who puts ideas – no matter how crazy – to work. By the way, mother probably wants to think twice about pulling Comm’s finger.

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Bringing the US Patent & Trademark Office to Colorado

Bringing the US Patent & Trademark Office to Colorado

Understanding the new realities of economic development

Thomas Frey:  The USPTO is hiring. In fact they are doing a lot of hiring, over 1,200 new examiners every year, and they still can’t keep up with the deluge of new patent filings. But while the number of patent filings has grown from 90,544 in 1967 to 484,955 in 2007, a 535% workload increase in 40 years plus an equally growing backlog of patent applications waiting for examiner attention, and no more room to expand in their current offices, the agency is now looking at a different approach to solving their growing pains.

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