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Cat Man 324
American Dennis Avner, aka Cat Man, underwent 14 surgical procedures to transform his face,
ears and teeth into feline features, as verified in Madrid, Spain, February, 2008.
It often seems like every week there is news of someone setting, or breaking, the Guinness World Record for some dubious achievement on which you never even believed people would have thought it fit to bestow commendation.
And so, in honor of the Guinness World Records’ tireless support of novelty achievements, Huffington Post rounded up 13 of the strangest, and occasionally pointless, records (so many to choose from!) for your amusement.
These are our favorites…

ZEEP Design’s Helicopter Car


Now, we are so fond of the flying cars, that even designers are trying their hands on some out of the world renderings of their own thought of a prospective roadable flyer. This one from the ZEEP Design show is a car that transforms into a helicopter, now that can be a realistic idea if for those cars start taking to the skies on a regular basis. (Pics)
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Look Out, a Mugger! Quick Turn Yourself into a Vending Machine

Look Out, a Mugger!  Quick Turn Yourself into a Vending Machine

 In a survey Japanese muggers prefer Pepsi 2-to-1 over Coke,
so the Coke machine disguise is regarded as a safe bet

Japanese artist Aya Tsukioka has come up with some unique solutions for Japanese women who wish that they could escape notice by transforming into wallflowers. Her invention is a skirt that can be pulled up to transform its wearer into a vending machine, camouflage that is a lot more common than a wallflower, especially on the streets of Japan. (Pics)

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WiMAX Movement to Transform the Internet

 WiMAX Movement to Transform the Internet

WiMax promises a whole new kind of fun on the web

As US technology giants including Google place a multi-billion dollar bet on WiMAX, backers of the wireless data-streaming format say it will radically change mobile Internet use.

A WiMAX network of the kind to be deployed across the United States by a joint venture dubbed Clearwire may render cable or phone line Internet obsolete and set the stage for free Google mobile telephones supported by advertising.

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