StowRight: The Extra Clever Cargo Carrier

StowRight:  The Extra Clever Cargo Carrier 

Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase  

Created by an aerospace engineer tired of having his trunk ruined by spilled takeout food and muddy sports gear, StowRightTM is the Extra Clever Cargo Carrier. It’s the only vehicle storage solution offering a generous 3.5 cubic feet of contained, leakproof storage that instantly partitions to keep items of any size from sliding, breaking or turning over. Plus, StowRight’s patented space-saving design folds flat to a lightweight storage case in just 10 seconds.

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Special Car Trunk to Haul Segways

Special Car Trunk to Haul Segways

Wicked cool Segway stowage

Saturn has this bizarre electric car concept with gull-wing trunk doors, apparently designed to make it more difficult to load stuff into the trunk. And since the buyer will be green minded and energy efficient, then why not have a couple Segways built into the trunk? (Pics)

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