‘Baby Showers’ – Keeps Baby Warm During Bathtime


Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

‘Baby Showers’  product is a baby bath tub that is going to keep a baby warm at all times during bathing time and you will be able to use both hands safely to wash your baby while baby stays wet and warm.


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Ultra Cool TV Tub

saturn-tv-bathtub 241

Ultra cool bathtub with built in TV

Korean bath company Saturn knew it had made the right decision when it hired famous designer Karim Rashid to design its latest creation, the TV bathtub. Karim Rashid has done full justice to his task and the result is for all to see. This white, oval-shaped tub is made of LAR (liquid acrylic resin), a material that is known for its antibacterial qualities, durability, high gloss and luxe texture.

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Great Mothers Day Invention – Automatic Baby Bottom Cleaner

Great Mothers Day Invention - Automatic Baby Bottom Cleaner

Automatic Baby Bottom Cleaner

Have you ever seen a kid so dirty you wish you could just tie him up to a tree and spray him down? Or a diaper so messy you just want to grab the kid and repeatedly dipping him into a warm tub filled with soapy water? Unfortunately, the modern tub is too big and showers too messy for either method.

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