Cow Gives Birth To Twins Of Different Breeds


Mysterious Twin Calves

A cow has baffled experts after giving birth to twin calves of different breeds. The odd occurrence happened when farmer Vic Phillips, 27, mated his Aberdeen Angus bull Eric with a Simmental heifer, called Jemima.

The result was twin calves Ernie and Emily but Mr Phillips from Mudgley Lodge Farm, Rooksbridge in Somerset believes they are both different breeds. Ernie came out a fawn colour and is the same breed as his mother a Simmental while Emily is darker shade of black and brown is apparently an Aberdeen Angus.

Mr Phillips said: “It happens but it is quite rare. I thought there must have been a mistake and another cow had given birth as well but it turned out that they were twins. “We have only been farming for two-and-a-half years this is our first ever set of twins.”

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Does A Twin Earth Exist?

Does A Twin Earth Exist?

Artist’s conception shows a hypothetical twin Earth orbiting a Sun-like star.

Does a twin Earth exist somewhere in our galaxy? Astronomers are getting closer and closer to finding an Earth-sized planet in an Earth-like orbit. NASA’s Kepler spacecraft just launched to find such worlds. Once the search succeeds, the next questions driving research will be: Is that planet habitable? Does it have an Earth-like atmosphere? Answering those questions will not be easy.

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