Growing Jewelry


Wait till you see the mouth moss grills…

Last I checked basic jewelry offers a vast multitude of stylish, and some not-so-stylish, rings for consumers to choose from. We have promise rings, mood rings, earrings, engagement rings, wedding rings, class rings, Lord of the Rings (yes, Gollum’s “precious” is available to purchase). But now, thanks to Icelandic designer Hafsteinn Juliusson (try to say that five times fast), we now have … moss rings. Continue reading… “Growing Jewelry”


Unit Circle (Radian) Wall Clock For The Ultra Math Geeks


No son, that’s not a hygrometer.

Got a fondness for trigonometry? Were you a ‘mathlete’ back in high school? If so then you’ll want to proudly hang this Unit Circle Wall Clock in your office or cubicle. Depending on where you work your co-workers will either get a good chuckle, or continue to avoid walking by your office at all costs.

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Max Planck Institute Study: How Are Humans Unique?

 Max Planck Institute Study: How Are Humans Unique?

 Research now shows that watching Blues Clues makes children far more chimp-like

Human beings do not like to think of themselves as animals. It is thus with decidedly mixed feelings that we regard the frequent reports that activities once thought to be uniquely human are also performed by other species: chimpanzees who make and use tools, parrots who use language, ants who teach. Is there anything left?

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