USB Electronic Key Impressioner Could Help You Be Gone In 60 Milliseconds


If you’re stealing a car these days, there’s a good chance you’re not bothering to actually pick the locks, but if you are, your job is about to get a little easier. A device called the Electronic Key Impressioner is inserted into a car door and scans the position of the tumblers inside. ..

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HSTi Wireless Media Stick Nixes The Need For Dedicated Storage Drives

wirelss-media-stick 4235
Storage With A Twist
The banners aren’t even officially up in Vegas yet, and already we’re catching a drift of what all will be unveiled in the days to come. Take this Wireless Media Stick for example, which is HSTi’s way of telling you that a dedicated storage drive beside your Blu-ray player or media player is completely unnecessary. Put simply, this device (and the accompanying software, we presume) plugs directly into any USB-enabled disc player or media streamer that’s connected to your television; from there, you can easily stream media that’s already shacked up within your main PC to your TV-connected device(s), which cures the problem of having your media fragmented between varying drives.

Warpia Wireless USB PC-To-TV Solution

You spent all your Christmas money on a terrific new HDTV, but then you realize that all the movies you’ve downloaded are stored on your PC. You don’t want to run cables from your PC to your new HDTV, but you really want to enjoy watching those moves on your big screen. What to do? If you’re using Windows (sorry Mac and Linux users), check out the Warpia Wireless USB Audio & Video Display Adapter Set. It uses wireless USB to connect your PC or laptop to your HDMI-enabled television or your VGA-enabled projector or monitor.At $179, this isn’t exactly a cheap solution. If you’re after cheap, go the old fashioned route and use cables…

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USB Powered Jedi Master

Yoda_USB 7856

Buying me you feel now like doing !

It seems like Star Wars merchandise never seems to get old, and Yoda is always a popular figure. Next, Tokyo-based Cube Works has announced a mini Yoda figure, which you can plug into your computer. You’ll be able to control the light on the lightsaber as well as Yoda’s cheeks via software installed on your computer. The site does not mention…

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Another Tool To Help You Spy On Your Neighbors and Children

Next-Room-Eavesdropping-Device 2345

We don’t know who will purchase this eavesdropping device and this kit is good as its claim. The Next Room Eavesdropping Device($62) looks a bit like the business end of a stethoscope, but uses an electronic internal sound amplifier to boost the noises coming through a wall, door, window and even steel plates. It includes a set of a set of headphones, built-in rechargeable battery charge via USB, ON/OFF Switch Button with volume Dial.

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Beanzawave: The USB-Powered Beans Microwave


Would office beans smell be better than office donuts?

Sometimes, when you’re sitting at your desk, all you want are some piping-hot baked beans. Hey, we all know it, why not admit it? That’s why Heinz is working on a USB beans microwave.

No, this isn’t a joke. The Beanzawave-yes, Beanzawave-is billed as the world’s smallest microwave, measuring just 7.4 inches tall by 2.6 inches wide and 5.9 inches deep. It’s perfect for desktop bean cookery, and Heinz is even dabbling in Lithium Ion batteries for on the go beans heating….

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