Tiny Backlit Wireless Keyboard

Tiny Backlit Wireless Keyboard

 Tiny Backlit Keyboard

We may have just found the perfect replacement for that klunky Bluetooth keyboard we’ve been using in our home theater. Brando’s outdone its tiny keyboard we touted a couple of months ago with this new backlit model, scarcely larger than the palm of your hand, and running on 2.4GHz wireless rather than the sometimes-balky Bluetooth.

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10 USB Gadgets to Keep You Warm


A Gaggle of USB Gadgets

No matter what item you’re about to buy these days, it feels like the USB option is always available. In this list of ten “gadgets to help you prepare for the upcoming winter season” you will be able to find everything from eye warmers to heating blankets – all powered via that popular universal serial bus.

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XPod Active Speakers – The Size Of A Pack Of Gum

XPod Active Speakers - The Size Of A Pack Of Gum 

This XPod active speaker is so small, you could carry it around in your pocket and hardly know it’s there. Just a third of an inch thick, the three-inch wide enclosure contains a couple of speakers and a minuscule 2-channel 770mW amplifier. It charges up with USB, and look at that little slot in the back – just the right size to let you use a coin to prop it up.

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The Spy ID Card Micro Camera

The Spy Pass Card Micro Camera 

Cameras are getting so small, they could be hidden just about anywhere. Case in point: this new spy camera that’s nestled snugly inside a trade show badge. The $174 tinycam shoots video at a low-rez 352×288, and snags stills at a higher-rez 1280×1024. Once you’ve grabbed the shots you need, plug it into a PC via USB for transfer and charging.

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Lucky Charms Leprechaun Goes Goth: Rainbow-Colored USB Flash Skull Rings


A Fistfull Of Fashionable Memory

There isn’t a single thing about these USB skull rings that makes a lick of sense. Yes, I have been known to apply the pewter washer of an ineptly molded skull to the thick porkjam fingers of my youth, but not in a color scheme favored by, say, Glenn Danzig’s gay doppleganger or a particularly emo Keebler Elf.

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