Online Doctors Bring New Meaning to “House Calls”

online docs

Online doctors diagnosing and treating common conditions over the internet.

Internet entrepreneurs have brought new meaning to the phrase “house calls.”  Oline companies with names such as “MDLiveCare” and “RingADoc” are diagnosing and treating common conditions such as allergies and the flu over the Internet or on the phone, forcing state regulators to revisit decade-old rules about what constitutes a doctor/patient relationship.


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Internet of the Future


Building the internet of the future

The recently signed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (U.S. stimulus bill) allocates $7.2 billion to support the development of broadband capabilities across the United States. Expanded broadband will allow for a much faster and richer Internet-surfing experience, more lifelike teleconferencing, and the outsourcing of more services to the Web, according to a recent white paper from the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF).


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