Project Natal – Meeting Milo


Meeting Milo

Serious groundbreaking technology here. I have always said that motion controls for gaming, no matter what tech you used to derive your motion control, was a complete dead end for gaming, unless someone developed a revolutionary method to make it essential for gaming.

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Making A Nintendo DS Control An Open Source Robot


Surveyor makes open source robot controllers that have quite a fan following among do-it-yourself drone enthusiasts. The company’s core product is the SRV-1, a programmable mobile robot controller that is open source,wireless and video enabled. Continue reading… “Making A Nintendo DS Control An Open Source Robot”


Richard Garriott Lifts Off To Space




Richard Garriott Heads To Space

 American millionaire Richard Garriott followed in his astronaut father’s footsteps on Sunday, blasting off aboard a Russian rocket to become the world’s sixth space tourist.

Sealed inside the Soyuz TMA-13 capsule together with a Russian cosmonaut and a US astronaut, Garriott, a renowned videogame developer, was catapulted towards the International Space Station (ISS) from the Baikonur base in the dusty steppes of Kazakhstan at 7.01am GMT.

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