A New View Of BP Photoshopped Photos


(©BP p.l.c) Before boat deck/After boat deck

Some public relations photos recently released by BP, supposed to show the world that they are actively working on the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, were so obviously and poorly Photoshopped that Wired Science put out a call to show them how it’s done right. The call did not go unanswered…


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3D Broadcasting Preparation Continues

panasonic-3dcam-md 78
The drumbeat for HD 3D continues to pick up the pace, and with broadcasters around the globe pushing forward 2010 plans to bring 3D home HDMI has updated the course of its latest 1.4 spec to ensure compatibility between displays and boxes. Quite simply, existing cable and satellite hardware isn’t going to be held to the same requirements as Blu-ray and videogame equipment rocking the 3D sticker and expecting compatibility with displays on the way, since they won’t be passing the same high quality, high bandwidth dual-stream 1080p images anyway.

Fossils of Martian Bugs Found on Meteorite

meteorite microscope 1
A microscopic view of the rock which was found in 1996.

New evidence has made it more likely that remnants of Martian microbes were transported to Earth in a meteorite, it was revealed recently.

A study by scientists from the American space agency Nasa has found chemical signatures in the rock strongly associated with life.

The discovery strengthens the case for believing that worm-like structures in the meteorite are ‘microfossils’ of ancient Martian bugs.

Sceptics have pointed out that similar-shaped structures could be formed from non-biological processes…

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Huge Pre-Stonehenge Complex Found via Faux “Crop Circles”


Connecting the historical dots

Given away by strange, crop circle-like formations seen from the air, a huge prehistoric ceremonial complex discovered in southern England has taken archaeologists by surprise.

A thousand years older than Stonehenge, the site includes the remains of wooden temples and two massive, 6,000-year-old tombs that are among “Britain’s first architecture,” according to archaeologist Helen Wickstead, leader of the Damerham Archaeology Project.

For such a site to have lain hidden for so long is “completely amazing,” said Wickstead, of Kingston University in London…

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Nike’s Hindsight Cyclist’s Glasses

Nike’s Hindsight Cyclist’s Glasses 

 Nike Hindsight Glasses designed for cyclists

The Nike Hindsight cyclist’s glasses from designer Billy May (we loved his Torn lights before) are designed to do one simple thing: stop cyclists from getting hurt on the roads. At the extended side of each lens is a carefully arranged high-power Fresnel lens that captures the view to the sides of the wearer’s head, and sends it into the peripheral vision.

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