Vintage Boom Box Museum


A Classic Music Device

Department stores such as Sears and K-Mart began using the boom box in their marketing as early as 1983. Merriam-Webster pins it at 1981, and defines the boom box as ‘a large portable radio and often tape player with two attached speakers.’

As the masses began to embrace this assemblage of electronics gadgets as an indespensible form of portable entertainment, it became an icon of popular culture…

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Futuristic Monorails From the Past

The Bennie Railplane, 1929 Glasgow

The Bennie Railplane, 1929 Glasgow

The monorail perfectly exemplifies that nothing dates like the future, it is a piece of anachronistic technology that is today largely relegated to theme parks and inter terminal airport transit. Although the archetypal image of a monorail is the 1959 Disneyland version, as this list shows, its design history traces back to the middle of the 19th century, with steam driven versions that share none of the futuristic aesthetic of the streamlined post war versions. In this case, although the pioneering system from a technical point of view was the 1952 German Alweg, the 1911 Boyes monorail prototype shows the origins of the futuristic look. (Pics)


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Step Back Into The 80’s With Your Authentic 1980’s Arcade Game


 Announce Your 80’s Geekiness With New Arcade

If you yearn for the days before PlayStation and Xbox, when you had to haul you butt down to the local bar and slip in a couple of quarters to get your video game fix, then the Optime Strategies video gaming table could be for you. Run by a built in PC, it comes preloaded with over 1700 vintage games including favorites like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Frogger, using software developed by a group called MAME. The graphics and music files used have been downloaded directly from the original arcade versions ensuring absolute authenticity.

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Electronic Wine-Tasting Tongue Tests Grape Variety And Vintage


Could this new electronic wine-tasting tongue challenge the finest wine tasters in the world? Invented by European scientists, this handheld device has a multi-sensor chip which senses distinctive characteristics of wine varieties. By analyzing the sugar content, acidity and alcohol, the machine can also determine the year and grape variety of the sample and instead of waiting days for laboratories to analyze wine samples, wine industry specialists will be able to get a sample result at the touch of a button.

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