Twitter Provided a Vital Link in Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

Twitter Provides a Vital Link in Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

Twitter played a critical role in stopping the terrorists

Bloggers across Mumbai fed live updates of the unfolding action after terrorists launched waves of attacks in the heart of India’s financial capital, bringing the emergence of citizen journalism in news coverage to the fore in India.

Social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, were instantly updated with on-the-scene information by people. Minute-by-minute updates on social networking and micro-blogging sites not just satiated the writers’ hunger for expressing themselves, but also gave people more diverse news.

In fact, instead of switching on the television, many followed the action live on microblogging Twitter by searching the site for Bombay and Mumbai. In certain cases, Twitter updates reportedly appeared hours before the first TV stories.

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Lazarus Wine – Braille Bottles

Lazarus Wine - Braille Bottles

 You not only have to judge a wine by how it smells and tastes, but also how it feels

Product labels are an essential part of the whole marketing exercise. Not only do they communicate vital information about the stored item but also help in branding efforts for a company. However, these labels are lost on the blind for obvious reasons.

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